Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

awesome game.

Ranking, a story, things you can buy, i can just say one thing, awesome.

nice layout

awsome layout and I love that you've taken azerty keyboards into account

Very good!

This is an excellent game for a flash game, didn't have time to play it all out, at work... hopefully you guys can have a good save game system soon


Its surprisingly hard to find a quality top-down shooter anymore. A++ Reminds me of Alien Swarm. Keep up the great work. Only thing i didn't like was that i couldn't upgrade the pistol with accessories. I am a big fan of Dirty Harrying games as long as possible and it just isn't an option in this game.

The first top-down shooter I've ever really liked

I have to admit this game stimulated the "nerd gene" in my psyche, but I'm not sure a significant number of the Newgrounds audience would understand why.

The game is excellently designed as far as top-down shooters go. I can't remember the last time I actually had fun playing a game of this type; oh, wait, I'm fairly certain I never have. This being made clear, Outpost is the best game of its type I've ever played.

The level design can be a bit confusing at times, since I'm stupid and can't follow a colored line on the floor unless said line is of consistent thickness and texture. However, the level design is downright scary, with a surprisingly atmospheric blend of environment style and music. Early on I came across an area flooded in emergency lights and the filters they put the graphics through were surprisingly believable given that we're watching the action from about a hundred feet up. It's not scary in the sense that it will frighten you away from playing it, but it's hardly happy bunny rabbits that are jumping out of the shadows either.

If I had to come up with a criticism, and unless I want to sound biased for the rest of my life I do, I'd say that weapon swapping was less-than-streamlined. You press SHIFT to change weapons, and you'd think single-button weapon swapping would mean cycling through a list, but instead it brings up a menu which might break the flow of combat somewhat when a monster twice your size is charging to rip your face off. I can't think of why it couldn't use this cycle system or at least offer to let us choose a weapon manually using the numeric keys like in Doom, but to be fair it requires less thinking this way, and think you can not when being attacked by these things.

When your character dies, the screen blacks out and then plays audio of the character's death sequence, and it occurs to me that it wouldn't have been as scary or indeed something you would want to avoid if they had simply played an animation of the character being killed, because people find what they don't know and can't observe frightening, especially since again you're not in a first-person simulator watching your own flesh be peeled off your bones; you're a sky god hundreds of feet up sending a soldier to his repeated death.

Whether or not you find this game scary it's definitely worth a look just to see how much effort was put into it. Set pieces randomly explode or spark just to give you a little jump once in a while, but this is better-handled than in, say, the Arise series. The laser sight on your character's gun realistically - and I hate using that word - is interrupted by obstacles and enemies and is a good indication of what objects on the floor you can't walk over. And I know a graphic designer who would kill me for saying this, but I like the way the character's helmet gives off a lens flare if you look at just the right angle.

Maybe you'll find this game to be fun. I don't know. But I have to admit, it really deserves at least a 5/10 just because I can watch the infamous science fiction film /Plan 9 From Outer Space/ any time I get bored and find a computer terminal. As it stands I'm interested in seeing more games like this and I think it easily earns at least a nine from me.

The extra point to give it a 10/10 comes from the developers thinking of the little things. I can't remember ever seeing a Flash game that considered keyboards for which WASD wouldn't work, or decided to accommodate players who wouldn't look for the tiny "power off" button on their PDA in order to unpause the game. Too many games whip you into dealing with their crappy user interface, but this game decided that you can have your cake and eat it too, and it works beautifully.

I also played the game in Swarm mode, which is a more casual style of play similar in style to Boxhead, so even if you go into this game looking for a simplistic kill-the-zombies thing you should check it out anyway.