Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


one of best games in its class!!!!

Do it again.

Got A brain like bubble gum. Blowin up my cranium.

Squize responds:

I don't know what any of that means, but it excited me. Sexually.


Like a mini version of Dead Space! Just one problem though, we should be able to ipgrade our current weapons.

Squize responds:

Thanks for the review mate.
You can upgrade your weapons via the console, there are two attachments available for most weapons.

Thanks again, hope you enjoyed it.

awesome game.

Ranking, a story, things you can buy, i can just say one thing, awesome.

Cool Game


Great top-down, shoot-em-up game.

Not sure if this is how the game was designed, or if it's just my computer, but the gameplay is rather sluggish. The graphics and sound are the best aspects of this game. The only issue I have is that everything is so small, _especially_ the text in areas like the corners of the game screen and the info cards. As a result, I wasn't going to try ans squint to read that, and just skipped it.

There was obviously lots of time invested into polishing this game. It is _very_ shiny. From environment sounds, to UI presentation and light and darkness, and the way the credits were presented, no stone was left unturned in this area. However, the beep that highlights your character on the small-mini-map does get annoying after a while, so I think you went just a little overboard with the polish here. (: Another area I think was a little over the top was the physics. I'm assuming that there's more to it than just pushing and rotating objects around.

When looking at the full map from your device, it would have been a little more helpful to see your current location there also.

On the first level, when I opened the door that has this message associated with it:
"Not all doors require a key card, just press the spacebar to open"

I got this error message repeatedly:
TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at Classes.PathFinder::PathFinder/isClos ed()[/Users/Squize/Work/Flash/Code/Ou tpost/src/Classes/PathFinder/PathFind er.as:225]
at Classes.PathFinder::PathFinder/findPa th()[/Users/Squize/Work/Flash/Code/Ou tpost/src/Classes/PathFinder/PathFind er.as:131]
at Classes.Player::Player2/mainloop_chec kingDistance()[/Users/Squize/Work/Fla sh/Code/Outpost/src/Classes/Player/Pl ayer2.as:324]
at Classes.Player::Player2/mainloop()[/U sers/Squize/Work/Flash/Code/Outpost/s rc/Classes/Player/Player2.as:241]
at Classes::Master/mainloop()[/Users/Squ ize/Work/Flash/Code/Outpost/src/Class es/Master.as:104]

It actually didn't stop until I moved away from he door.
(Using Flash Player 10.3 debug version.)

That was the only error encountered.

Other than that, this game should keep someone busy for a while, especially if they want to get all the medals and upgrades for each gun.

- Ziro out.

Squize responds:

Wow, extensive review, cheers. Reviews like yours are gold mate.

That error, I've "fixed" the path finding code so many times ( It's only for when Jameson is with you for the 2 minutes at the very start ). With that breaking in the background it will slow things down as it tries and fails to find a path. Time to look at it again. Joy.

Thanks again for taking the time to play the game and the review.