Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Ok game.

Nice game to play but it has major bug with door opening.I couldn't open door but instead I was getting a lot xp for just trying to open damned door.

its fun

any1 eles getting the dead space feeling or is it just me?

awesome !

This game reminded me of all the "fun" I had at beating dead space and owning those necros.

You did a great work with the light effects and the ambient noises wich are 2 necessities for making a good scary game ! hats down.

but there is only ONE wrong thing (like in almost all horror games, not only at this one !) you need to BUY AMMOs AND STUFF ! It's not as if there are tons of monsters waiting for you ...! But it's not a human wich is sending it : it's a computer ! A.I. are allways supposed to help humans at all cost but seems like they need money to understand that !XD

Squize responds:

If it's any help, you have to buy the items from the Outpost corporation, they like to turn a profit.
In Swarm mode they give some free stuff every few waves.

Thanks for playing it and taking the time to write your review mate.


i really like getting medal flash and games :)

It's all the best bits from Alien Breed

I simply love this game. It's like a modern re-working of the classic Alien Breed. Great graphics work, suitably freaky audio if played with the volume up, some lovely attention to detail (I won't give any spoilers away, but I dig the aliens who hide in the darkness).

The weapon upgrade system is still a little confusing (I didn't see it tell me I could only have 2 perks active at once, so when I maxed out my current weapon I was a bit peeved) and I've yet to find an incentive to change from the default gun with FMG :) But all in all this is a class game. I don't care about the "pace" of it. This isn't some 5 min fix. You have to actually play it to get the most from it and that's no bad thing.