Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Its good

It's a great game. It's keeps the drama up but... the lag bro. It freezes a lot. maybe a quality button and if there is one it badly placed cuz i havent found it. over all great game

I just got through it...

And It was awesome!
Just 1 thing I noted, a bug maybe?
In the last level

If you go past the shuttle, not over it, but next to it you can actually go to all the black space outside the walls. I tried going to that square thing like the mag-locks in one of the levels, but nothing happened. Is it intended for the player to go there, or it is really a bug?


Well other than that, everything looks very nice. This is an amazing game, it has been a long time since i've seen something like that in Newgrounds. Congratulations on main page!

Squize responds:

Great work for completing it!
And yes, that's another bug to add to the list :)

Its a good game but...

I wished you could have a button to make your character run.
Also that you had a knife because sometimes the aliens get to close and you have to shoot them till they die.
Im not saying this in a bad way. Its just an advice. Awesome game

pretty good, but

i´ve experianced a bug, that when u die with the infopad open, u get respawnd with the infopad open, but i was not able to close is anymore. so those monsters just took my 3 lives and that was it... pls fix

Squize responds:

Wow, we've never had that bug during testing, what a weird one.
Thanks for flagging it up, we should hopefully be doing a 1.1 soon where we can fix all these little things which always slip through. Cheers.

Maybe its... Yeah this is awesome

This actually relates to all of the sci-fi games of the century and I love how you have all of those acheivments to keep us motivated to play. The lighting is perfect, and the monsters in the shadows keep the suspense going. This game is great. But, I think you rank up too quickly. I played for 5 minutes and already I am rank 11.