Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

yes I agree

It's a cliche game, but it's good. I have no problems with it other than THE FUCKING DOOR HACKING! They always appear right on top of you, it also doesn't help that this is the slowest moving guy ever. If your going to have aliens butt fuck us in the dark, atleast make the guy be able to run away, instead of this casual stroll bull shit...sorry. I just rage quit and I'm blowing off some steam...but it still holds true...please fix it. Other than that, very in depth game, good job :)

Squize responds:

Sorry to both of you about that.
During testing we never had it, but I guess that's 'cause we always clear out the Aliens before starting the door hacking ( You get used to playing a game a certain way, esp. when you know how it works ).
I'll have to have a think how to fix it, as the wave of aliens aren't spawned until the light comes back on, so it must be one attacking you as the lights go out. Hmmm.
Thanks for the feedback mate, hearing things like this just enables us to improve it ( At the price of it screwing up your go, sorry ).


What's up with the nightvision mission? Every time I approach the door I get a "hacking the door for you" message, and then the screen goes black. Next thing I see I'm being teleported directly into a swarm of monsters and my health instantly drops to zero and I die.

nice layout

awsome layout and I love that you've taken azerty keyboards into account

Best Use of a Mouse... Ever.

Look, I've paid marine shooters before (who hasn't?) but the use of the engine, the mouse aiming (some of the best I've ever played with) and the surprises around each corner... you've managed to make a top-down 2D game feel more real than some 3D games. Congrats.

Only on Level 2 and I can't wait to find out more about these owls.

Great... GREAT... FANTABULOSO immersion.

If you sell it, I will buy it.

And thats a promise.

Squize responds:

That is quite possibly the best review I've ever had, thanks man.