Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


the graphics were outstanding however the game got very boring.
firstly, these slow asses move like they have down syndrome but they can still push tables at walking speed with ease.
secondly, ive been playing for like 5 minutes and got stuck without even killing one enemy.
thirdly, the story is something that wasnt even discussed about by your team. it is cliche and i can go watch any sci fi movie to figure out what you were thinking.

overall i see that proud effort went into this bag. kinda reminds me of metal gear solid

Nice, but...

I am pretty stuck on 5/7-the Mainframe level. I hacked all 4 consoles, but I am having trouble escaping. I give it a 8/10 and 5/5.

The character that you play needs to move a LOT faster. With some of his guns, like the 3rd-I think the SMG-it takes him at least 2 seconds to reload. I think that is a bit too much time.

At least I made the High-Score list, for now. All the way at the freaking bottom, but I didn't finish yet so eh.

Slow moving game

But fast moving onto the front page! whooo


In the pathology lab I always get stuck in those black web like things which is really annoying which causes me to need to restart the level. But overall i loved the sounds which really complimented the surroundings.

If you buy it, I will sell it.

And promise a thats.