Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Good work.

Even if the game is not really original, it's well made and I had fun killing tons of aliens.

Though, I had some bugs with challenges, in fact I spend a least 40k of money and "...spend it" (or something like that) stayed at level 0 so no xp bonus during campain. Second, it would be appreciate if there were more indications for the challenges. The % are not really "indicative"... Third, there could be more different aliens and more stressfull situations. Fourth, less table-pushing ou crate-pushing abilities because it becomes a little annoying even if it's a bit realistic. And the last but not the least, it reminds me dead space... or maybe dead redemption... or was it alone in space plan 9 ? hum.

10/10 for me for the job that's been done. Keep it up ! (excuse me if you don't understand me, english isn't my native language. I tried to argue and not just say I liked it.)


Just wondering... on 'Swarm' mode, couldn't seem to buy any of th weapons I had bought during the story mode but they weren't in my inventory either (SMG, shotgun, plasma rifle). Was this intended or did I just screw up XD ? Or was it still locked out to prevent you from buying weapons you had already bought like in story mode (despite not having them in 'Swarm' mode)?

Otherwise all in all a well made and enjoyable game!

Squize responds:

Not a bug ( Thankfully ), Swarm and story are separate, only XP carries over between them.
In Swarm none of the weapons are XP locked, it's just pure cost.


I wanted to make a topdown shooter very similar to this but DAMN SON that is some nice polish here. The graphics are very well done. However, that is really the only thing going for it.

You see, you used sounds from half life series. I recognize the walking sounds. And overall the sound quality isn't that great. So I can't give you points there. But most importantly, it's really boring. Everything is paced so slowly. The character's slow walking, the fights, everything. Move things along! The story is hardly sophisticated (OWL men? Seriously?) It got real repetitive by level 2, and oddly you seemed to be going for a call of duty style achievements and interface. There is not enough enemy types. There is not enough variety. Ah so you used physics to make boxes and stuff move around as you push them. Yes, but that causes anti-aliasing problems when they rotate. Jagged edges. Which kinda detracts from the neat graphics on display here. I know you thought it is a neat idea because I thought the same thing. Anyway, I'm going to surpass you on every level when I release my topdown shooter :)

Squize responds:

I look forward to playing it mate, 'cause I really like my game, so I can tell I'm going to love yours.

This either ends 2011 with a BANG...

Or starts 2012 with one...

To me, this has a Quake 2 crossed with Alien sort of feeling to it (Since I have actually played Quake 2 and have seen Alien Ressurection (AKA Aliens II).)

I can tell you. RIGHT now, dear readers, if you are easily scared of nasty monsters coming out of nowhere and attacking you screeching at the top of their lungs, DON'T play this game! Consider this a health warning. Now dont you guys ignore this and crap / wet yourself, otherwise i'll say I told you so.

Now onto the breakdown of the game. I like the fact you threw in the night vision level, that REALLY sends the scare AND difficulty factor up. I also like the fact you can buy and upgrade weapons, thats a really neat plus for this game laser sight comes in extreme handy as well. Miscellaneous: 10/10

The gameplay is smooth, and you can go at your own pace too. I prefer clearing out the whole level before I even think about leaving it. I don't like it when enemies from another level come to haunt me. D:< (I have yet to see if that happens in this game.) Gameplay: 5/5

I also like the balancing, the first level was pretty easy, I finally lost a little bit of health a quarter of the way through the second level in that really cramped hallway and room with the flickering light in it. The night vision level, which I stopped on my first playthrough of this game, gave me the shivers. Way to use the natural human fear of the dark. Balancing & Difficulty: 5/5

The graphics are great, so are the SFX. The fact the EBE's make a noise when they see you is actually a good early warning for an incoming enemy, i found that useful to immediately eliminate threats. Graphics & SFX: 5/5

The fact you used both a money AND an XP system at once is a great idea that I think is perfect, if not a MUST for games like this, FPS's such as Raze 2, and RPG games like Sonny, stick with it man! Bonus: +2/+0

My only reccomendations if you decide to make a sequel are an expanded array of weapons (I.E a grenade launcher, a weapon which the shots of bounce off walls a certain number of times, etc.), upgrades for sight and radar ( The radar which btw was VERY useful), and upgrades for armor and maximum health. Other than that this game easily excels in every category. Hope to see an outpost 2 from you soon. Until then I will keep hacking, or should I say, "Shooting" away at this game.

10/10 from me, though I wish it was possible to give a 12/10.


Great game! (Glitch)

This is a great game. Would be even more awesome if it was a 3D console game. Lol!

By the way, I found a glitch.... I think.... might just be the PC. I was watching the movie "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and switched it to full screen mode. When I closed down the full screen it was still up but only in the game. It covered about 80% of the screen. So I couldn't figure out how to close the terminal which might have fixed it. The buttons where still clickable but again I couldn't find them because the screen was covered. I can send you a picture of the bug if you want.

Other than that the game if great so far.

Squize responds:

Argh, that's annoying. Thanks for flagging it up, it's added to my growing list :)
( It amazes me, we've had so many play test the game, and obviously I've had one or two plays myself, and not one of the bugs mentioned here have ever happened for anyone testing it ).