Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Awesome game, but...

I have the same problem as XxHeadshot-MasterxX, I can't play level two beacuse it keeps on crashing every time I try to play it.

Great for keeping your senses sharp

Most flash games are very basic in what they require: Quick reflexes.
This game however manages to test various skills. Whilst reflexes are also needed one will notice that thinking ahead in terms of ammution and carefully entering rooms ect. will greatly increase your chances of survival. I loved the dark atmosphere of the game and how the tension increased with the levels as well as the leveling system. For the critisism: There were very few kinds of enemys making the game increasingly predictable. I feel that you put too much effort into the weapons because honestly: All you really needed was your standard AR, the pistol and the pulse rifle. I didnĀ“t even think about buying a shotgun when I knew I was going to face hordes and therefore needed a quick firing speed. Same only worse goes for the Rocketlauncher. Also the little alien spawn was downright annoying and I mean in the sense of "not that shit again" not in the sense of "oh crap! x.x". Having to stand there using up good rifle ammo or struggling with the pistol just halted the gameflow. Lastly the plot seemed very much like the plot of the flash game "the breach" only less disgusting. Still I enjoyed your game very much.
Sincerly Skullls

Cant Play Level 2

the game crashes on me when im on level 2, level one was fun though so ill give you 10/10 for very nice gameplay and effort

Squize responds:

We've never had a crash on level 2, joy :|
If you've got five minutes could you pm what happened as best you could please ? Thanks.

Dead Space series

This reminds me alot of Dead Space. Those games were awesome and made me have nightmares at the same time. This one is pretty good for an online game. 10 stars.

Fucking Awesome

This rocks!! Simple and addictive :D