Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


In story mode, i were not able to pick up keycards, did anyone else encounter this?

Interesting game

I can understand why this has amassed so much popularity on this website. It is certainly a game that gives you the feeling that it took a ton of effort to make. What's also great is how you can really go out and explore this amazing world. Some of the glitches are rather annoying, though. I think the worst part is how you can get cornered and finished off by a single alien way too easily. I think this may be the first game here where I got a medal before getting an achievement.

It really gives off the idea of playing a professional game. I have only played online games like this and not Playstation ones with any real games. I hope to continue to realize how to use this genre. The sounds are very nice and it gives off a good, authentic feeling. It's certianly a massive game and one you'll want to spend time with a lot.

Great game.

I know people don't like comparing games because a lot of people want to be original, but this reminded me of 'Alien Swarm'.

That could have been your inspiration, I don't know. It also reminded me of 'Alien vs Predator' because it has the radar.

Squize responds:

It was hugely inspired by "Alien Breed", the original Amiga version not the nasty recent ones on XBLA / PSN.
I did watch a lot of Alien Swarm clips on youTube too, as it's such a fantastic looking game. I wish we could have done real time lighting like that.
Also the film Aliens of course, but nearly every developer has been to that well, Bungie especially :)


I have a problem at the first monster. When I kill it the sound of my weapons stays and dont go away. Like a loud buzz.
So far on lvl 1 the game is really awesome.

Wow...Just Wow

This is by far the greatest game i have played! i luv the fact that u can move stuff around and the graphics are just gorgeous Great job! hope there is more games like this to come.