Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

I Felt like a total BADASS in this game,this is the best that i ever played!

Squize responds:

Wow, thanks mate.

great game play enjoyed it for a wile got bored with same enemies quit on first death will come back to play again :)

I love this game, although one glitch really screwed me over.
i walked over a blast crater, a setpeice, and was stuck. i did everything i could but i could escape. and since i couldnt pause, i had to reload the game and loose my data, or die and suffer the shame.

the glitch was a while ago, like months, so it may be patched.

anyways i also think some of the weapons are overpowered, and really take the chalange out of the game. so i dare you to only use the basic rifle and pistol.

I also feel that there arnt enough enemy types, like a dode with an armored face, but was blind, so you gatta shoot his face, so he bull rushes that direction then you smok him from the side.

anyway i love blastin xenos, and love this game.

o meh gosh this game is so awesome,the atmosphere is just perfect love everything about it.Would b better if ther was more levels and enemy tactics like coming out of the walls and stuff... but overall very epic game :)

Very, very well done game, and very atmospheric. I only had 2 problems, 1, I wish sprint was its iwn singular button, or atleast have the option to chnage it, and 2, the menu came up a BIT slow wich got a bit annoying after a while. But it's still a very good game.