Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Average defence game... Too common

The menus load up too slowly and really...? You had to get your inspiration from Call of Duty? I saw FMJ and thought 'Okay, all military grade weapons will use FMJ rounds anyway... But I dunno, maybe he just couldn't think of anything else to put. THEN I saw a 'China Lake'... Why?

Squize responds:

I stole the top down maze view from Pac Man too.

You get stuck in a trap pretty often

The game itself was nothing new, but i did like it. I have the same complaint as everyone else, teh movement was pretty bad. But on another note, you get yourself screwed over pretty often because you wast so much amo opening doors and when the monsters come out, you have to switch to a pistol which does almost no damage.


Great game concept and overall presentation, but movement speed is sluggish you move at a crawl before you even start moving normally, and the handgun is extremely weak yes it makes the game challenging, but not when you are surrounded by monsters and need an escape but can't because you have to crawl before he really starts moving fast...just a few minor tweaks and it'll be a great game

:( .....

Would have been 10/10 but I lost all my save data. No idea how.....I really liked the game though.

Squize responds:

A couple of people have said that, just had a pm about it.
I really don't know how that could happen mate, it just uses a sharedObject to save, which Flash stores on your pc. I don't know if you've got some sort of cookie cleaner on your machine ?
We save the game after every level complete, game over and quit.

<edit, just found this link when replying to someone else, may be some help,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_sh ared_object

Great Job!

It's really good game but it makes a little bit boring after past three levels. Movement speed is too slow but a good thing in this game is a climate. These dark sectors are great. Also note: some of weapons are based on real life guns like Steyr AUG.