Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


A great game 2 end a very good year.

Fun title

Have you guys thought of releasing it as an iOS title at any point? I think this would make a nice dual shooter for the ITouch/iPhone/iPad.

Squize responds:

Not unless some 3rd party company wants to port it. iOS games are such a risk, for every developer who makes bath loads of cash many many more don't even break even.
Now a downloadable version with a ton more levels and a lot more love ? Yes, that's a lot more likely.

Thanks for the review.

Reminiscent of Dead Space

Gripe #1: Enemies have no attack animations. They just stand there.
Sorry if some of these have been mentioned before.
All the loading screen tips that mattered showed up too late! You need to work on that. Maybe force a display order.
No block moving puzzles? Awww.... (just kidding)
Completed Objectives showed weird numbers, like Progress: -31100%. The bars were glitched too. I think you know about that, though.
Selecting weapons is really slow. Every... time... you have to wait for the cute little animation to finish. It would be better if the game didn't animate the weapons and didn't pause on weapon switching, so you could hold shift and select with the mouse, releasing to switch. Many games use a system like that, and pausing kills the tension.
I didn't have any issues with the door hacking segment.
I did like how you could fake out the turrets when they try to get a lead on you.
Charging money for timing failure is the dumbest part of the game. Other than that, however, the balance of money and XP flow was flawlessly balanced, something few games ever accomplish.
It's really annoying that you can't see the roach holes very well, yet you can't walk over them. The best way to fix that would be to allow walking over them.
All of the bosses were poorly designed and not very entertaining in general.
In Swarm Mode, I can't seem to get weapons that I bought in Story Mode. They are UNABLE to be bought. Period. Biggest problem by far.
Some weapons have trouble hitting enemies directly in front of you, even the Rocket Launcher... which also doesn't explode sometimes when you are being mobbed by large enemies.
Upgrading Mag Size increases ammo pickup amounts. Doesn't make much sense.
For a while, I thought Rapid Fire was a misnomer. The terminal names the stat 'Reload Speed', which I thought was synonymous to 'Mag Change'. Fix that to something like 'Rate of Fire' or 'Refire Speed'.
Objectives need to specify exact quantities, not just percentages.
The Pulse Rifle doesn't have a max ammo that is a multiple of clip capacity, with or without Large Mags. That's a little odd.
Swarm didn't get harder. Make it ramp into 'Impossible' as you progress so that high scores actually mean something. Swarm was boring. Boring.
On the bright side, it was well-made and polished, with quality sound design and graphics. The story was good enough, no complaints there. The mood was well accomplished, especially for a top-down, although definite improvements are possible. Overall, it was a job well done, and fixing a few things will make it even better. This game could be given premium content to great success, if that's what you care about.

Squize responds:

I love your weapon selecting idea. I think it may well be too much of a ball ache to add it to this game, but I'm def going to use that.
Thanks for the bug report too. I'm on the beer all day tomorrow, so hopefully Monday I'll be able to sit down and fix all these ( So long as the hang over isn't too bad ).

With the secure terminals, I couldn't think of a way to penalise the player for getting it wrong. Losing health threw up so many problems, so taking cash was the easiest solution. Not ideal, and it'll teach me not to plan.

The thing about the pulse rifle ammo, I never even considered that :) I just put a spreadsheet together and played with values for all the weapons until they felt right. Even then I had to tweak the flame thrower at the last minute as it was just too powerful.

Great points, thank you.

Turned out better than expcted

At first I was totally unimpressed with the cliche space station, aliens, standard sound efx and just the general feel of the game. However, after a few upgrades, the game really came to life. The SMG is one of the best weapons Ive ever played in a game like this. Aliens came in waves and I even jumped a few times when I wasnt paying attention and got ambushed. I liked how quickly health diminished and how I was constantly worrying about ammunition levels. For those who complain about the pistol......why even use it? Its a great game, Id love to see it as an android app.

Squize responds:

There is actually a build on my Android phone right now, but it runs like a pig. It would take so much effort to re-code things to make it run quickly that's its not really worth it. I'd rather invest that time in the sequel.

Thanks for the review, funnily enough it turned out better than I expected ;)

Well polished game, but

This game is well polished, and has a good professional design, but here are the problems:

1. Everything is SLOW. Your character is very slow, and everything interface-related is slow. It takes forever to change your weapon (as opposed to pressing 1-5 or Q/E), opening your handheld takes forever with its loading screen (come on, even smartphones in modern-day technology is faster), and the supply terminal interface has this really annoying start-up time (which seems pretty pointless to me). The slowness of the interface is a bad sacrifice of gameplay for just the sake of style.

2. Given the amount of art in the game, there should be better monsters. The monsters are very one-dimensional, and behave unrealistically. For example, the big monster just fire straight ahead without even bothering to aim.

3. A lot of the weapons are pointless. For example, the vulcan is pretty much useless, I think.

4. After you die, you respawn at some random place which is very confusing.