Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

why isnt the wepon changes when I change like the figures weapon is still the same

Great game, i love the artwork that was put into this, as it was the selling point of the game. While it did reminded me of Dead Space storyline, it still captured your attention and wanted you to play more. I like it. I do hope there's a sequel.

This game is great: decent story, nice gameplay and a very nice easter egg in the shop. (Kudos to you for putting one of the worst movies there ever was in a Flash game)


i first played this game on Andkon, and i loved it so much that i started recommending it to people that i knew. i had endless fun with this game and spent much of my time using the plasma rifle and the china lake, along with watching the entire 'plan nine from outer space' movie. god, it was horrible, but it was amusing to see an actual movie included with this.
hope that part two comes along soon, and that it's at least as good as this one.

"i laughed, i cried- it moved me, Bob."