Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Very Nice!

I was expecting something quite different. A hard to play and complicated game with basic levels that one could just breeze through. But instead I got your great game. Granted the monsters are pretty dumb and walk slowly to be riddled up with Pulse rounds, but hey.. I'm not complaining. :D
The graphics and background are awesome, I enjoyed the movie in the terminal area. The "tips" section really helped and.. I enjoyed the quick decision making you force on players when it comes time to pick up the ammo cartridge or to keep spraying the area whilst the door is being hacked.
All in all, I believe this is a really great game and this was time well spent, both in you making it and me playing it.

Quite good

But I encountered a bug. In level three it starts hacking a door. Then, just as the screen was about to go dark I picked up an infodisc. I was then killed while reading the info. After that I respawned, but the screen stay blacked. Sound still work as well as the controls, so I guess it´s just a dark layer that got stuck.

Very Nicely Made, But..

Requirements are a bit too high for me. I'll give it a good score! :D But you should consider lowering the requirements, maybe allow quality adjusting or get rid of some lighting stuff?

good game!

i liked this game it a mixture of dead space and alein vs predator but the guns could be a bit beter


Loved it and great job on adding that old school movie, i love old sci-fi flicks :)