Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"



Seeing the ending...

makes me wish you went the "playable death" route instead. Keep what you had, cut the lights, add a bunch of beetle spawners and let the player fight until he is overcome. Cue sequel. Jameson fights to avenge his fallen comrade and eliminate this scourge once and for all.

Squize responds:

I wanted that as the ending, leaving it ambiguous, but I was out voted.
With hindsight I think it's for the best, as I would have had so many comments about people feeling cheated.

Well done for completing it, and thanks for the review mate.

that was great

for me it was like doom but with bugs you did good.

Amazing fun :D

Like other people said, this is probably the most competent top-down shooter I've played online in a looong time. Weapon variety kept it fresh, and the level design was fantastic and very well detailed. You managed great pacing (something that few games seem to get), between the unsettling industrial-looking areas, well-lit desecrated offices, and that glorious "holy shit" night vision level. I'm really glad you didn't overuse that night-vision thing, btw.
I would have appreciated more than 4 "small" enemies and 2 "boss" enemies, though. Just a suggestion, but if you had a way for the corpses to rise again like in Dead Space, I am absolutely positive that you could make many people actually scream out loud ;)
Pistol would have been nice to upgrade, and i think an upgrade for the Vulcan would be great, because it seems to lack that "final weapon" feeling of power. Personal upgrades like health bar or speed would be nice, like maybe a sprint bar? With a faster character, the exploration would be more fun. The terminals were well placed, though, and the interface worked well with the game.
The music was incredibly well placed, with a lonely sountrack of sound effects on most of the levels, and some fast-paced music during some tense moments. As far as the sound goes, it reminds me exactly of Half-Life 2.
When I zoom in on the Explorer window, the game won't scale, but I can see outside the intended field of vision. I guess if you're having trouble, or don't like the tense feeling that you get with a small field of vision, that's a good way to make things easier.
When I used this zoom in the first swarm level, when I fired the China Lake, it seemed to hit everything on the map. I fired it to what should have been "offscreen" (but i could see it when zoomed in), and I could see EBE's from all over the map disappearing like they got hit. The "notice" bar would confirm that I got the exp. from all of them. Idk if you intended it like that, but it certainly takes a lot of the tension off of the Swarm mode.
There's nothing to actually complain about, but it's got a bit of room for improvement. But that just means it has even more potential :P I'm really looking forward to what you guys are going to come up with for the next game :D

Squize responds:

Thanks mate.
We would have liked more baddie types, but we just ran out of time. You have to draw a line under a game sometime otherwise you'll be working on it forever.

As to the pistol, that's there purely when you're screwed and have run out of ammo. It's meant to help you get to the next console so you can restock.

A Great Game With a Few Flaws

Overall, this is is a great game that's very well made - I won't go into the good that this game has since so many people already have done so. Instead, I'll just point out a few minor flaws that I have noticed.

First, enemies are dumb in both campaign and in swarm modes; they just don't seek out your guts like you'd expect monstrous, flesh eating aliens to do and swarm you as soon as possible.

And that brings me to swarm mode; though enjoyable, it was hampered by the fact that blood piling up on the floor added up over time to murder my framerate - I recommend putting a lifespan on that blood so it fades after a while. I had killed to the point that the floors were black with blood, and could barely move, with two or three shots firing from the pulse rifle every second.

Another thing that I also found annoying was that I could not change the key layout manually - I'm a lefty, and play with the mouse in my left hand on this laptop. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable.

Other than these few flaws, the overall game was great.

Squize responds:

Thanks for the review mate.
The game does support arrow keys, if that's any help ? ( And now I'm paranoid I don't actually explain that anywhere in the game ).
The blood shouldn't slow the game down, it just gets burned onto the floor, in effect once its plotted it's zero cost CPU wise, so there must be some other issue there.

Thanks again.