Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Amazing top down shooter.

Everything from the weapons and upgrades, to the graphics are great in this game, this should honestly be an example of what 10/10 games should be like. The absolute only law I could think of how slow the movement it for my taste.

Cool !

This game made me remember the Dead Space ! So cool ! The Graphic, Gameplay, Great game ! 10 Stars for you ;)


A fantastic game. In other words, it is a classic 2d game. Good graphics, and easy-medium-hard gameplay (It changes in different situations or levels). I should give to this game less score because the music of the "panic time" was awful (some kind of bad@ss music), a slayer or iron maiden song would have made it better.
Good balance and a lot of kills, really nice. Waiting for the next version.

++Good 2d game
+Good balance
+Good amount of weapons
+Good sounds
+Good amount of challanges
-Bad panic music (electro or some kind of crap)
+Good entertainment level (uncoming enemy waves, enemy summon, etc)
+Fun (Including staff from aliens vs predator, resident evil, and others)
+++Good combination of all the positive elements

11-1 >>> 10
Thanks for doing this game and sharing it with us, dude.

Squize responds:

Mate, don't you think metal riffs have been done to death in games ? The number of zombie games I've played with far too loud thrash metal playing is unreal.
Now if I could have licensed the whole of "Phantom of the opera" by Iron Maiden, I would have been tempted :)
Glad you liked it though, in spite of a bit of dubstep, thanks for the review.

Great Game

I cannot wait to continue the story.
Though i am still wondering where the secrets and easter eggs are, i could have swore i scowered all 7 levels and picked up everything

Squize responds:

The first easter egg is quite straight forward, little homage to Resident Evil 2, the 2nd is quite obscure ( I'm amazed no one has said what it is here yet as a great big spoiler ).
Ha, that didn't help at all did it, sorry :)

hmmm bug finded

after i kill 1 monster the game just crash with the sound of that dead monster and can't interact with anythings. i like the graphic but if it can't play i can't rate X_X

Squize responds:

Were you playing it offline ? A medal is awarded after the first baddie kill, and the current theory is that if its played offline and your Flash security settings don't enable the swf to talk to NG, it'll break like this.