Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

"lets rock mother f***er"

seriously great game,other than the occasional bug here and there,its perfect

Well game is very good story. There is some films in the game that was cool guns and alien things are awesome. You got five

This game is DEFINITELY one worth playing. Its controls are fluent, the challenge gets increased with each level but not by impossible standards, the style is amazing, atmosphere is quite creepy, and the gameplay is great! This game definitely makes you want to look around the areas and either see what you can find, or just explore the different rooms of each floor as you search for and complete your objectives. There are also those pretty tense moments in the game where enemies are coming after you, and the main reaction you have is to back up, shoot, and find yourself saying, "Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!" The story line is quite odd, but at the same time, very grasping in its "What the hell is going on?" style of telling it through *As I call it* the PDA story pick-ups. If you take the time to read them, you start to understand what's going on in terms of purpose.

If there was ONE complaint, it would be the fact that if you go full screen, try not to hit escape because you won't be able to go BACK to full screen unless you quit to the menu, select full screen again, select continue or the level you were on, and start ALL OVER again from the beginning of that level. But, that's the ONLY complaint I have with this game. Otherwise, it's really solid and SERIOUSLY worth playing.

Excellent work!

nice game :) but what the hell is ''ule''

Very nice, loved the top-down style and atmosphere; and on an unrelated note great choice of in game movie. The only thing I didn't like were those small EBE's, they swarmed me to death several times... though come to think of it that made the game more fun, can't wait to play the squeal.