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Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Excellent game! It's like Deadspace, Alien(s), and Desperation (Stephem King) had a threeway baby together! My only criticism is that the character walks too slow, but fuck it; the slow movement just adds to the terror!

Squize responds:

Yeah the movement was meant to try and make it a little more tense, although so many people complained about it we cracked and speeded it up in O:Swarm and O2.

And wow, Desperation, that's a book I've not read in years. Was that the one with "Tak!" in, or Regulators ? Either way, we borrowed from it :)


Shotgun for this game can settle every piece of shit down here

Squize responds:

I wish I could up vote this more than once.

AWESOME GAME, wish i had understood the story a little bit more XD, but still cool, as for the final boss, he ain't so tough

all the holes from where the little guys come out from throught the whole game can only spawn a limited amount of enemies, so you can just stay out of the final boss's range and kill the little dudes one by one, once there all dead you can take your time with the boss, if you got way too injured, you can just turn around and buy medi packs at the supply station you passed less than 2 minutes ago

the last boss is so hard,it is not even possible for me to fire the china lake i am swarmed by the small little creeps.its overall good,best flash i have played