Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

A high quality game

where do i start?
-SFXs 10/10
-gun models 10/10
-bullet impact 10/10 on objects 9/10 on aliens
-creepyness 20/20
-story 9/10
+2 for fun
OVERALL 72/72?....thats an odd overall, lets just say 10/10

great game, very detailed and lots of fun!

the graphics are awesome, the sound effects, music and atmosphere do a great job and I really enjoy making my way though the levels. I do have a few minor complaints: please make a way to earn more lives (if its there, my mistake), I dont understand how to upgrade guns and I wish I could run faster. I feel like if I have to reload I am screwed. I wish I could run away and have half a chance at surviving. Other than that, its amazing, I am playing a lot! -CageTheOlyphant

Squize responds:

Cheers mate.

There isn't a way to earn more lives, but after every level it resets to 3 again, which should help. Guns are upgraded via attachments bought via the consoles ( Max 2 attachments per weapon ).
With reloading, if you can collect an ammo pack and that will give you instant reload, or swap weapon.

Thanks again for the youTube love mate :)

Amazing Game

Best game to end 2011 for sure :).

Great Game

I like the whole "dead space" feel to it. Makes me hungry for a sequel.

this game is so colll

woowo soo coooooollllllllllllllllll but one how they buy new guns its so hard i dident read the instruccions

Squize responds:

Almost the perfect review there, cheers for that.