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Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Pretty Good.

I like the graphics and gameplay is superb. It's addicting and the storyline is far from boring. The only bug/error I noticed is that aliens cann pass through the corners of the wall without been blocked. Other than that it's a great game.

5/5 9/10

Meh, nothing too new.

Not all of us use WASD/ZQSD

Why can't devs just add a button remap option? It's not like it's particularly hard. ESDF, IJKL, there are plenty of people who use that stuff instead. Seriously using WASD with your right hand. You need to use your pinky for spacebar and your thumb for shift.


The game, though, seems to be one of many 2D Dead Space look-alikes (with an abandoned ship being found and the one person charging through it, and buying upgrades with exp etc etc) although fairly competent on its own. I can't actually tell the difference between the pulse rifle and the assault rifle, apart from the fact that the former has 100 more bullets. If there's another difference, it didn't indicate it in the stats, and I didn't notice any myself.

The "levelling up" seems to be entirely useless in the latter portion of the game. After you buy your an expensive unlock, later in the game, money becomes way more scarce than experience, and if you have the money to buy it, you will always have more than enough experience to get it.

^^ yo

it kinda reminds me on alienswarm , its not bad ^^

Can anyone say dead space

Ermm i mean aliens?? Fun game, heavy loading times.

One thing I must say I absolutely love about this

Quality settings, sound settings...the pause menu worked

I like the mission data. I forget when I'm too busy killing things sometimes.

Hell yeah! Major chuck of the score added for that
I could care less about the settings.

I ran this on high quality too, it's awesome having a good computer.
I'm glad that it was loud too, because I thought about listening to music, but then I thought why would you add sound if you didn't want me to listen?

You focused way too much on the gameplay and quality and I think it met or exceeded my satisfaction level for a free Newgrounds game.

Squize responds:

touché :)