Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Ome thing I must sya I absolutely hate about this.

No quality settings, sound settings.. the pause menu didn't have any game configuration.

Just some mission data.

What the hell? Major chunk of the score is taken out for that.
The settings of a game are a necessity for every person.

What about people that can't run this on high quality?
What about people trying to not awaken a sleeping person, or wants to turn down the sound just for it's loudness but still hear a song playing or someone talking in a video in a different tab?

You focused too much on the gameplay and quality, and not enough on anything having to do with actual game configuration for one's satisfaction.

Squize responds:

The game runs in low quality by default mate, that's why there's no setting to change it up.
Sound has an on / off toggle, and every computer has a volume setting. I must admit I didn't cater for someone wanting a low volume game whilst watching a movie, odd how that didn't cross my mind.

Amazing game

Yes this was a great game i played. everything is perfect

So original, what a rip off, like alien swarm...

Ha, kidding, quite an amazing game here, I ran into a strange bug when I was moving but he was acting like he was walking into something, it was around level 4 I believe when this happened, but it didn't stop me from getting to the next level. Level 3 was the best one in my opinion, I was actually scare to go running into any place and sat back waiting to see what the radar had to tell me first. I was wondering what was going to happen to Jameson until you decided to put it in at the end as a sequel. The only complaint I have is that... I guess I have no other complaints.

Squize responds:

The original plan was to have Jameson meet you on the last level, but I just ran out of time to code the AI for him. It would be cool I think to have Lee re-appear in a more active role in the sequel.

Thanks for the review mate, and yeah level 3 is my favourite too :)

Good game.

This game is so awesome! The weapons kinda pricey but, even though i have not bought one i guess it can be worth it. I see you use some sounds from half-life.


Really great game, i just found a bug and it happened 2 time, if you hit space 2 soon after you hit exit from the store the game just freeze. it happened to me in the third and the last world ... Besides that the game is just great, good work.