Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


great game look forward to the next installment, good controls and decent graphics. Keep up the good work.

Very well done

Controls were easy to use, the graphics are very good and the layout is great. I would have liked bigger weapons sooner but that's just me, I like to blow shit up.

Squize responds:

Don't we all :)
It's a question of balance mate, if we unlocked the bigger guns earlier we'd have had to crank the difficulty right up to counter act that, and its very easy to screw that up.

Thanks for the review.


Looking forward to the sequel


This game is so EPIC but lvl is 2 hard, sorry 2 sound like a noob but it taks 4EVER to finish, but great game 8/10

Very Nice

THANK YOU so much to have added ZQSD controls !
Very nice game, but one thing annoyed me : the diagonal movement is faster than single axis movement, and that works for Aliens too, I've got eaten many times because aliens rushed me as I moved in diagonal :/