Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

not good at all

this game is very broken and the charecter is very slow, you cant tell what your doing and the pause screen is just annoying, also sometime you cant even shoot.

Squize responds:

But apart from that you liked it yeah ?
I would say thanks for the "review", but we both know I'd be pulling the piss.

Absolutely Awesome, with only a couple bugs.

This is an amazing homage to games like Alien Swarm! I seriously enjoyed it and loved the HL2 sounds and when jacking into the Haven Supply Network I felt like I was actually connecting to a real system.

My only complaint is that there can be times around the nests that spawn the small EBEs where the player can get stuck and unable to move. Other than that I can't seem to find any reasons to take off any stars.

Overall, I loved the game however, and wish there was more I could do. Multiplayer would be really fun, but then again, I know you aren't trying to BE Alien Swarm etc, just have a fun flash game kind of like it.

In Closing:
5/5 Sound Design - Some of the best I've experienced in flash games.
5/5 Graphic Design - Overall strong.
5/5 Gameplay - Fun! I played everything.
4/5 Bugs - Getting stuck and having to quit is a serious downer.
4/5 Difficulty (I died only once in the entire story line, a little too easy.)

Would Be Better If?

This Game Would Be Better If It's Like SAS Assault 3 Like Multiplying Game Playing With Others

If there's Like A Missions, Death Match Or Like A Single Mode
Something Like That OR Some Sort.

This is the game of the century

I've been waiting for such a game and it finally came out. It has everything that such a game needs. Can't wait for the next part.

love it

great. keep it up. i'll never stop playing your games.