Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

One bug

Awesome game. But after I played through the story, all the guns I had bought in Story Mode were unavailable in Swarm... :(

Squize responds:

So many people are saying that, like I said above I did look into it when it's first been flagged up, and it's something I've never had.
Thanks for the feedback, and good work on completing story mode :)

nice game

Great game although, whenever a alien touched you you were basically dead because your character moves VERY slow. Besides that it was a great game


The game has alot of potential if you update it over time it already great in my standards maybe the first thing you could update is maybe a sprint for your character that would be great, nice job on the game

Didn't like it

The gameplay is too slow and not challenging.
I got bored very quickly.

It's resemble and old game called "Alien Breed", and seems to be kind of a remake attempt which didn't capture the original game's scary and stressing atmosphere.

Squize responds:

Sorry it wasn't your thing, that whole thing about not being able to please all the people all the time.
And yes, it's totally based on the original Alien Breed games on the Amiga. Grab an emulator and give them a go, they're not as good as you remembered.

very good

awesome job man aweseome graphicks and nice gameplay this game rocks