Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

this game is not bad.because it have exp and i like about that.

Shotgun : Your best friend in this game , even better than vulcan , just use the reload bug will do [ Switch to pistol , then switch back to shotgun for reload ]

There a bug where you sometimes get stuck in the spawn hole

not bad. the graphics are good but the ammo counter could be bigger.

An incredibly awesome game, man. This is like the cool brother to the Darkbase series! Cannot wait to try out the other two Outpost games!

Squize responds:

Cheers mate, glad you liked it ( O:Swarm is ok, just a dumbed down version, O2 / Lost Outpost was still pretty good last time I played it, hopefully it's not aged badly ).

Excellent game! It's like Deadspace, Alien(s), and Desperation (Stephem King) had a threeway baby together! My only criticism is that the character walks too slow, but fuck it; the slow movement just adds to the terror!

Squize responds:

Yeah the movement was meant to try and make it a little more tense, although so many people complained about it we cracked and speeded it up in O:Swarm and O2.

And wow, Desperation, that's a book I've not read in years. Was that the one with "Tak!" in, or Regulators ? Either way, we borrowed from it :)