Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

It's a great game, gave me a Dead Spacey feel all the way.I loved Dead Space.

Well done, it's all I can say.

Just...well done.

omfg he best game, I really scared in a part when the aliens attacked me in darkness

I love this game, with the storyline and all. Yes, my comment on Outpost:Swarm may contradict this, but I have come to love this game just as much. Wonderful story you have here...
Also in the next patch for this, change the weapon switching to the one you have in Outpost:Swarm if possible. If not, good luck on Outpost 2!!

Squize responds:

A little late, but thanks, and yes we're going to be lifting the weapon select system from Swarm.
Swarm as a nice way for us to iron out a lot of kinks in O:H thanks to all the feedback we got.

I love this game!!!!! But it's just i only made it to level 2!