Reviews for "Stickman Can't Fight 4"

Ummmm...this is one of those vids where there is too much good things to talk about to put it in a review.
So can I just give you five stars?

guitan11 responds:

That is acceptable, yes. :P

Solid Spin on Stick Fights

First off, the animation was great. That said, it's definitely your strong point. However, there are things that need work. The text on the screen is extremely distracting. And the amount of spelling errors makes it even more distracting, unfortunately. Create some better text. Even animate it if you need to, because you definitely have the skill for it.

guitan11 responds:

thanks for the review. i do think that the text is..... i dont know, just not on par with what is going on in the story. im gonna change up the fonts or something to make up for that on the next one ;)


i laughed to much with this episode xD

keep up with the good work dude!

5/5 10/10 :D


sooooo funny


His element is fart. Good stuff, I was laughing the whole time. Keep it up!