Reviews for "Stickman Can't Fight 4"


That was really funny :D
The "one finger" tehnique was so awesome, good job.
And tell me, are you fan of One Piece? :3

Fun times

This really feels like something out of early New Grounds, but I can see heart was put in there. It was interesting and made me smile, and I thought the close-ups to see detail on the stick faces was a nice touch.

Critiques? Learn to loop your music better, some of your timing with delivery was off, and this one is probably me nitpicking but try a better way with the dialogue; maybe word balloons or lines coming from the speaker and keep the text to one color as some colors clashed badly with the background.

Otheriwise, that's it! Enjoyed it!

The main guy

Is NEVER going to get any good at this rate... He has le gas element >.<
Loveing the animation, its about time you make the front page, on your way to internet fame :D
Make episode 5 NAO.

guitan11 responds:

i would like to... but nao is too soon!! i can has more time plez? :3
i willl definetly make the next one better, count on that ;D


the red guy, gomu gomu no pistol, gomu gomu no gatling gun, gomu gomu no axe?
i rest my case, but still, awesome


the funniest thing I've ever seen! my fav guy is P.V.

guitan11 responds:

I like him too. He tells such awesome jokes of camera :P