Reviews for "Stickman Can't Fight 4"


This was awesome
but that red guys ability is similar to Luffy from One Piece

guitan11 responds:

well, he stretches. i like to think that he is more like Mr. fantastic :3


cant stop laughing xD
perfect build up


are you going to make a 5th one? if you are since you have all ready tried the elements are you going to try weapons next?

guitan11 responds:

you know it! thats the next one ;D

I wonder...

Could fart be an element? He seems to be pretty proficient with it. Anyway, I've seen all 4 so far (sorry for not leaving reviews on all of em), and they're great. I love the red guy, I've always like the "ability" type of stickmen.

very nice

This was nice, smooth graphics, good jokes, decent script,
But the only thing that somewhat bothered me was the lack of decent fading with the music. I know there was some, but it just felt like every part had it's own song, which gives a feeling like a sketch show, although this is supposed to have some sort of story.
Try to make them fade better, or continue the songs during different scenes... if that made any sense.

Some voice acting could also be nice, it would make everything a little bit more interesting, although typing has also got its benefits (like smileys, spacing and stuff) which you do use to a good effect..

But great job and I do look forward to seeing the rest of this series.

guitan11 responds:

yes! i agree 103% with you. i have started to look into making the audio better. editing audio and streaming the audio too. so i hope the quality of the works gets better on the next one. i kinda rushed at the end because i had a self set deadline of uploading before 2012 :3

but thanks for the review. wont go unnoticed ;)