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Reviews for "'Arrow to the Knee'"


this is exactly how i feel ^_^

oh my god

The very end left me rolling

I used to wirite reviews like you....

i agree it is being overused
but damn, that sudden arrows in the knee, shouting, took me by surprise
really nice animation and thank you for creating this

For people that find this meme hilarious....

There was a cat on the news that took an arrow to the shoulderblades.

No joke, it was sticking out both ends. Presumably some asshole thought it'd be funny to make this meme into real life. So they shot an arrow into the cat. "Look, it used to be a housecat, but then it took an arrow... TO THE SHOULDER! DURR HURR!"

This is why meme's should be kept under control. Thank you, the creator of this flash, for making.... well, this flash.

(By the way, the cat is fine, they removed the arrow, and it's making a full recovery.)

Holy crap! So true!