Reviews for "'Arrow to the Knee'"


i used to make arrow to the knee jokes, but then i took an arrow to the knee (troll)


Not only did he say what we were all thinking but he made a kick ass animation too! I am pleased.

Woo :D

Pure hilarity. I love it.
And wow, I can't think of a better portrayal of how the kids who tell arrow to the knee jokes look like in real life. And how they type...
It was satisfying watching him get his sh!t rocked.


I used to watch flashes like this.. Then i took an arrow to the kn---

-Thats the last they heard of YinYangMaster-

yup ;)

I hate that joke xd because like 5005858956 people on the internet are using it --' and this video is so awesome! ;p it's so true xd