Reviews for "Lil' Red Hood Xmas Gift"

nice work

great grahpics and animation. would love to see you do one with more girls in different possitions of this. i'd like the option to have the cum release in the possition i set them in instead of the forced final stage. other than that great tenticle scene

not bad

not bad not bad at all


This was sexy!
I loved it, besides the tentacle monster.
I was never a fan of it, but not bad at all!
Upload some more games to Newgrounds! And I'd love to see Lil' Red more in the future:)

Its been a long time

you took a while getting something new out but you made it worth it, simple fun and pretty damn hot, though adding maybe some simple moans would spice it up great job none the less

this is high quality stuff, man.

I know you have the whole M&F games site where you can actually make some money off of this, but you need to deliver mroe stuff to Newgrounds, man. Your stuff's great! Come on, be a nice guy and give us some more of this, please? You rock hard if you do, man, for real.