Reviews for "Lil' Red Hood Xmas Gift"

Happy New Year

On this new year ,,,..
Playing this is awesome,,,...
You can have add some more options to play ,,..
But this one is good,,...

Make more such in New year's .......

holy sweet mother of fuck

get this slut in more situations O_O those tits man, oh god those juicy tits

Hope there will be more soon

Well this one by far is your best animation, the problem is that for the long time that you havent submitted a game all you could come up with is this somewhat quick one. There wasnt any story or variation just one quick "fuck", you also could have added some moaning rather than just music. However once again your animation was incredible and it's just next time(and hopefully soon) you should do more with this new animation, which I know you can.

So I gave it 10/10 but...

...but this is definately not one of my faves from You guys, like the one with the magic book is way beter. On this game all a person has to do is to controll tentacles in (was it 5?) different spots and enjoy the view, nothing to discover, nothing to search for. A simple, plain fuck game. The one thing that really made this game is the panties and bra takeoff animations, the most original thing in this game :) that is all

Well, well ,well.....

This is one of the better games i have played from this crew, and is ... well what i going to say is is ok, just ok, nothing esle, oh yeah before i forgeting i give it best score for be that good. :)