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Reviews for "Lil' Red Hood Xmas Gift"

Lacks your usual flare

Good to see you're still alive. Too bad that you seem to have lost your luster. May I assume that most of the better quality work is going to the website these days since we haven't seen you here in about a year? It's a real shame because your work was beginning to get good for a while.
I won't go into as much detail with this one. You know what the problems are with this one as well as I do. No context like your usual stuff. The girl makes no sounds which kills the mood a little. The artwork is even more cartoony than your usual stuff. It seems there was a great lack of effort on this work and I assume this was thrown together to remind us here at Newgrounds to visit your site.
Nevertheless, I'm grateful to see you are still at work. Do drop by here and visit more often.


the ppl who think this is ugly are jealous of the gamez u post keep up the good work i like it! 5/5 10/10


Could have been better.

you guys make a pleasant new year

make more games with lil red riding slut please thanks


I guess all the new games are made for the pay website these days? Not a single update for over a year it's pretty disappointing. But it's good to know you still care about us folks here at Newgrounds.

As for this game, it's decent. The lack of sound effects from the girl is pretty unforgivable. As it is, the animation is good. The girl is hot. There's a decent amount of action. It still feels a bit like a tease.

Please, post more games to Newgrounds in the future.