Reviews for "Lil' Red Hood Xmas Gift"

That was a nice treat

That would of been a great present on christmas day

where did u dissapear to?

anyway....great reappearance act this one is a great come back

You know what game you should do next?

A meet and fuck Skyrim sim game


That was one sexy and crazy christmas game :D

I loved it :D

'Twas a very lovely game! Yes, I do understand that it was lacking in that it didn't have the usual sound effects that we expect from VadimGoD, however I still loved this game, it's very kinky (much like myself), it was a very interesting take on a beloved children's tale, the female drawing was very sexy, as were the pretty purple penises (sorry, I had to throw in the alliteration), and just down right sexy! I hope there is much, MUCH more to come.