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Reviews for "The Visitor Returns 2011"

one of my favourite bloody game


This is definitely better than the first. However, just like the previous game, the Death Slug starts out already in its "already ate one thing" beta form rather than its "yellow worm" starting form that it took in the very first game. Still a very good series and I'd like to see more of this in the future.

Trying to do something in trailer while dogs outside but not dead will have the dog stick its head back through and bark and the guy will say bad dog go outside and attacking the webbed dog without scropian he will bite you before you kill him, so many amazing endings

Yay! I got all the endings!
It could use some finish-ups work thou, Most of the story is pretty much looking in the dark,.
Some clues here and there could be great. Also it's kind of annoying that you can't skip the animation, Or manually restart from the last check point.
Other than that, The game is pretty decent, Very nice art style, Or creepy-dark, on point.