Reviews for "The Visitor Returns 2011"


to beat the racoon first click the lamp a then the lawn mower turn it on then open the tool box use the hammer to break the left side of the stick pull it out dump the trash then jump into the trash turn off the lawn mower then click the racoon i hope this helps

FANTASTIC + How to win

RACCOON AREA: 1.Click wire attatched to light, click it to the power box on lawn mower.
2. Turn on mower by pressing the power box.
3. Open up the tool box, use the hammer on the side of the bar without the lock.
4. Remove bar, tip over trash, get into trash, turn off lawn mower.

SKUNK AREA: 1. Click the tin can the skunk is munching on and throw it on the spider web. Devour spider.
2. Click the magazine and put it in the firepit, click the log pile and put it in the firepit.
3. Place the remaining tin can on top, light fire with lighter in robe pocket. Devour skunk.
4. Gain entrance by clicking the cracked window.

THE MAN AND DOG: 1. Eat the turantula to gain his stinger.
2. There is a minifridge right over the dog. Inside, there are hotdogs on a plate. Click it and the master will send the dog out.
3. Go back outside (Click on the window where you are perched on) and eat the dog.
4. Once you are back inside, click the cigarettes with lighter. There is also a cabinet above you. Open it to get the spray can.
5. This one takes timing. While the man is taking a drink, click the plates in the sink to spill it on his shirt.
6. Light the shirt with the lighter and spray.
7. Devour the man (click twice), and head back outside. There will be a cooler with a beer in it. Click the beer so the woman will shoot the window, allowing you to get in.

THE WOMAN/ENDINGS: Tip: Never lead off with Sting, Bite, or Claw, as this will kill you. And if you lead with Web, you have to spray next or she will break free from the web and shoot you.
EVISCERATION: Spray, Claw, Bite.
MUTATION: Web, Spray, Sting, Claw, Bite. (this is the best ending and will get you the badge.)
Thanks guys, hope this helps.


shit, this is good

Damn racoon!

Damn can't beat the racoon!!!!!!!

yipee kai!

excellent game! love it