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Reviews for "Adventure Story"

I love you guys ):

this game is hardd in the biggining beacause..i always fall so much down bottemles pits and util i lose all of my fucking lifes..PLEASE FIX THE FALLING GLITCH
thx :P

you know that feeling when you can tell a game is really good but you'll never want to actually sit down and play through it?

I love your games sincerely Matt, they all gave me such good laughs and excitement when playing!
I hope to see more of your fantastic EBF games in the future, and congrats on EBF IV making it on Steam, I'll try and support if I can!

I just want to say, that this game, and all of the Matt's games are AWESOME. I started to play them a long time ago, and today I take a time to say that I love them all. The music? Freaking great (HFX? I'm not sure of what's that but It's just because I'm a little slow. But people says that this game uses it, so I'll search about it later). Talking about this game in particular is another awesome game, funny platformer, good art (as usual) and got this hack-n-slash style that I like. There's a huge jump bug which makes the game kinda hard, and even more hard the speed trial medals. Falling down from platforms, spawnig in random places, specially when you're going fast and hit a wall or something. This bug is really annoying, but you still deserve the five stars Matt, right now I'm playing EBF IV and when I finish I'll play again the III to remember old stuff and for the medals now that I have a Newgrounds account! Haha, anyway I'll keep playing and try to beat this game even with the jump/falling bug... I'll try. (P.S. Sorry to everyone if my english is bad, please don't be rude 'bout that I try as hard as I can...) (P.S.2: I hope that you make new games Matt)