Reviews for "Adventure Story"

I'm stumped on the Beholder boss, it's WAAAYYY too hard, at least for me. The sand flies and the smaller beholders keep damage-raping me and I can't concentrate on damaging the target (aka Beholder) enough, I'm seriously stumped.

But this game is amazing, love your work Matt, always been a fan of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, excited for the 5th one.

what good games !!!!!

Quick & simple platformer with creative mechanics! Finished it a while back but decided to just drop a quick review while browsing through games I haven't 100%'d yet.

My only real issues with the game is the 1000 foes achievement and the general balance of the items/abilities. Stats are tracked except for "number of foes killed", and you need 1000 to get the medal.

For items, I find the most effective setups are based around the Mana Staff - which gives you the ability to regain MP by landing enough hits at the cost of greatly reduced atk. You can get around this drawback by having Ninja Hood + Viking Armor for maximum physical damage while still retaining the ability to cast spells, and then compensate by buffing yourself with the Temper spell.

For abilities, the most useful ones are Heal, Temper & Seiken in roughly that order. Heal is obvious, Temper boosts damage as explained above, and Seiken is the strongest spell damage-wise; ice fire & bolt are simply not worth leveling.

Nevertheless, it is one of the better games around here.

Awesome game, i would have wanted to see some little epilogue maybe (even something trivial like "Mario" getting a kiss from the princess) but the rest of the game is brilliant!

Very well made and fantastic music! I enjoyed this very much.

Last played, JAN 14 2017

this game is fantastic but you get bored from it so fast but still good game "never gets old"