Reviews for "Adventure Story"


nuff said


I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this just now. I knew you were about to finish it around this period, but definitely not expecting it today.

I was afraid it would be a bit to repetitive, that was when i played the demo a few weeks ago. How ever it turns out to be nicely different every level. I'm glad about that.
The controls are fine as they were before. And i'm not sure if it's me, it feels like the gravity of matt's jumps are a bit off. Other than that nothing to complain.

Top notch stuff!

This is such a good game!

keep it up!!!!


First I thought, yeah, awesome!
I was searching for a game like this one for a long time.
But after a while I have seen that it isn't as awesome as I thought,
I don't say it's bad but I missed a lot of things and often something
annoyed me. For example I missed the possibility to skill, and a
shop to buy armor and not only magic skills.
Also I think there are too many magic skills,
the bolt, fire and ice skills aren't as effective as they should
be if their sense would be to be used if you are in danger,
they just break the game everytime you use them because you have
to aim.

So if you are going to do a second part with a shop to buy armor and
less magic skills and more meele action I would love to play it.
Good game though!

This game is sooooooo epic!!

EBF 3 was one of my favorite games, and now this..... Is purely amazing!!!!!!