Reviews for "Adventure Story"

The best platformer I've ever played

Seriously this is a piece of art, if this could be made on iphone/ipad I would totally buy it ( 5-10$ ) this is a great time waster. I love the RPG/platformer mix, feels great. The controls are smooth and easy to use.

The only thing I dislike is the music, something more RPG'ish would be awesome but I've barelly done a couple levels so I don't know if it gets better later or if it's the same music over and over.

Overall it's the best game on newgrounds hands down

It's a good game

What more can I say? Easy to understand controls, nice choice of spells, it can really relate to the EBF series (monsters are the same, you control matt, but it seems that it's an alternate storyline.) I also like how much thse games have changed.

I love it!

Another one in the epic battle fantasy series,I think this one is a great mix of aplatformer with rpg elements.
I think the music has to be a genius mix of keyboard cat and a final fantasy tune.
And the game play isn't really tight,but at least its playable.

another great job but with one problem in it

It was a fun game but my person kept losing control and kept running in the direction I was moving even when I stopped pushing the button and it lasted for 1-2secs and it happens from time to time. This would lead to in some cases death. But besides that it's a fun game.

Love it !

A fun and challenging game but not frustrating. Great to see the EBF characters in mischief again. Thanks for all the work done on it and your continuing work. Still can't wait for EBF 4. The Epicness continues.