Reviews for "Adventure Story"


its a really great game! it had me playing for sometime. however, i was expecting an element of rpg somewhere around the game. it turned out to be a constricted platformer. i knew it was going to be a platformer coz i played the demo.

Great gameplay and music

I like the way you could change direction of the sword and hit things...


Beated some levels on Kongregate earlier and now Imma be playing here!

its ok but has a big problem like the guy under me

i pressed the arrow keys to move and then i stopped but the character was still moving and the other problem is he walks a bit too fast.So i found it hard landing on platforms

Good game but it has a BIG problem...

I love the EBF franchise, Adventure Story is no exception. But it has one main problem that just ruins the whole experience for me. The controls. It's not that it's bad usion spells and attackks, but it's how you move. I can just move my character and he'll just move the same direction but for longer then it's supposed to be. Another problem is the jumps, I noticed that this game requires you to make strong jumps, especially later in the game. However, Matt will just jump farther than I needed him to go or that, in some cases, might not even jump at all. This happened in both internet explorer and in firefox. This frustrated me enough to stop at level 7. This is a really a big problem for a platformer game. Overall, the whole game is pretty good and I have no doubts that your next game (whatever it may be) won't give any disappointments. As for the movement problem in this game, I'm hoping you ay find out this problem yourself and may do something about it. However, to be honest, I'll play this game with or without the sloppy movement.