Reviews for "Adventure Story"

Found a bug

I found a bug in the game, was using a spell on the target at the beginning (where the sign teaches you how to use a spell) and after that I tried moving, only to have matt's legs moving like crazy, but not going anywhere. Pretty good game overall so far, a bit repetetive though.

Sweet Jesus, it's out

I've been anticipating this game's release since you uploaded "Betas" on DeviantART. Seems pretty good so far, thank you kindly for experimenting on different genres.

Beyond the backdrop

I love how smooth everything works and the style of the graphics just fits in nicely as well, as well as the music, of which I at first thought that it was pretty annoying. It turned out to be rather fitting actually.

However, I wish the game was more than a platformer/adventure for the sake of being a platformer, with a great storyline and all, something that keeps you interested beyond exploiting ye olde sidescroller features.


This is my favorite among the series. Keep it up.

Lance is evil again...

just great... anyway. 10/10 5/5 1337/1337 lol