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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

Great collab

This was a great turn out
I wish I made it though


oh my god, i couldn't stop laughing, this is pure win! xD


I imagine the makers of previous Castle Cockups (by whatever title) felt happy you recalled them in the pictures during the credits.

Lange.. You're incredible, but may I suggest decaf? *smirk*

Best Mario flash I've seen in a LONG time

I love the way you guys mixed the pixel animation with other graphics for the "special effects", I think that Michael Bay is beating a path to your doors as we speak. That last part of the collab got me a lot of weird stares (I was lol'ing at my computer in the GU commons) but it was so worth it, I shared it with my classmates and they all lol'd too! I don't think that there was any bad part of this flash for me to complain about, much less give it anything below a 10/10 and a 5. You, sirs, are incredible. I definitely hope to see more work from you guys in the future.

So funny!!!

The longest and funniest "Mario fail" video is right here!!