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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

like ending

so sad, he spent so much effort and he finally manages to destroy the castle. then accidentally 1-up the castle.

Short-Factor's Ending

Man, I think that it really put a great close on this collaboration. I mean, I laughed hard, really hard. My stomach hurts because of how hard I laughed, especially at the last moments of that piece, I just couldn't help it. Great job.

wow. this had to be the most epic fucking mario vid i've ever seen. (if anyone can think of one better plz let me know O.o). Gj to all who made this

This was fucking epic. XD Was a hearty laugh and worth watching multiple times.

I really love this collab. I always watch it over and over again. I wish I was a older back in 2012 so I could've entered the collab. Oh well. I'm learning now. :)