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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

Almost couldn't breath

I was laughing like non-stop and almost choked. Great work! xD

Funniest Mario related parody on Newgrounds

My title says it ALL! Everything about this collaboration screams genius and comedy brilliance. I laughed at nearly every single entry. But the last 2 just take the cake! Though the mob of ShyGuys had me cracking up as well. This is seriously one of the best Mario related parody's in existence.


i've loved all of these and this one was no exception.

The finale for this one had me laughing so hard i couldn't breathe :)

Best collab of the Year! (my opinion)

I always laught with collabs, but I NEVER laughted like I did watching this one! Max SCORE for your work!Congrats!


i just couldn't stop laughing at Number 20, Absolutly brilliant