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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

Kudos to Mr Lange

Everybody did a great job. Special mentions to Mr Lange, I nearly suffocated laughing too hard. Can't wait for part 3!

Caution: Potentially fatal hilarity ahead

Before Watching: Oh god I'm scared. I said last collab that I almost laughed my self to death, LITERALLY, and watching this would scare me endlessly. Well, here goes nothing...

After Watching: *pulling himself up from the floor* HAHAHAHAHAHA... hahahahaaa... haaaaaa... *cough cough*. To all authors, be expecting my medical bills. God, this basiclly flatlined me for a minute. I'm afraid the 3rd one (if there is one) will be the one to do me in

THE BEST!!!!! Mario castle!

Great work all of you!


Wow that got really crazy real quick!

Castle Collab!

was getting kinda old until this, most of the stuff was new and hilarious but the sprite animation was amazing with the mario kart part so maybe you could look towards making a mario kart series? Otherwise awesome collab.