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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

Jesus Fucking Christ

I was about to write something until I noticed spritefan said exactly what I was going to say. So, just imagine that review's text is right here, but subtract the parts directed at me because that would be referring to myself in the third person which would make me look crazy.

I can only give bravo to the rest of the submitters who did a good job on their parts.

All good

Jokes are becoming overused, boring. Lange's animating skills rock though, intro was pretty sweet. Think you can hook me up with a link to the credits? I couldn't get through it fast enough, but it was hilarious what I had read. About the actual content, I didn't really laugh 'till Lange's input, to be honest.


5 out of 10 because the animation and sound effects are great... i can appreciate the effort put into it but it just wasnt very funny or amusing to me

Something I'd expect to see back in 2001.

Nice try, but no dice.

Trolling review.

Quite frankly, I don't know what to say about this. I didn't laugh at any of the parts, but a couple of them were interesting ideas. The intro (done in After Effects I assume?) was crafted very nicely as well. I didn't care too much for the over-glorified ending, but it defiantly was the best part.

My biggest problem with this is the fact that Travis, the collab leader, put such a minimal amount of his own work into this and has pretty much relied on everyone else to make him look good. That there, is borderline pathetic. By the looks of it, all you did was compile the parts together and upload them, yet you still couldn't put a shred of effort and thought into just that! A part plays before the intro, the preloader doesn't work, the menu is ugly and the sounds don't sync properly. Everything looks like it was done so cheaply. What did you do, notice the low scoring day and rush it into the portal to secure an easy award? Wow man, how sad.

Quite frankly I feel sorry for everyone who took part in this collab because you've essentially all been used. But hey, don't worry, you got a Daily Award out of it at least. Don't make a third one, for the love of God.