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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

Good stuff!

That last one was just perfect! It had great timing, audio and effects and awesome cartoon humor. The whole collab was pretty well done, but that last long one really made me lol. I also really loved the intro with all the pans and stuff. Great use of smoke and fire elements. You guys did a lot with sprites, which I know can be limiting. Funny stuff.

It was ok

Well, it's honestly better than I expected!

Some of the parts where bad (Spongebob seriously?) some of the parts where ok (The castle ith a Invicible power-up is kinda funny) and some of the part where pretty well done (The intro and, obviously, the ending). This proove than we can be funny using sprites and things like this, even if the idea of the collab is unoriginal.

Yeah, maybe my rating is pretty low but I hate most of the sprites films in this website so it's a pretty high rating for me.

Also, why didn't you had all the author of the collab on the "Bios" session, it's kinda sad of them to not be recognized for the work on this collab. And why only entries? There are so many part for this collab, and some of them are better than other part who ARE in this collab. I think you could edit the file and had a version with...More film?

So yeah, you have made good work with this.

Not bad

It was decent throught most of it, but everything up until the end felt very uninspired. This whole thing would have honestly been better if it was the last one as a standalone. Overall, it was decent though.

Maybe Mario's Fists can destroy it!

nowhere near as good as the first one