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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"


But I only loved the 1st skit and Short Factor's epic finale. No offense but I felt some forced jokes between the 19 skits. All of them except the warchamp ones, those ones were pretty well done and made me laugh.

Nice sprite animation anyways, and awesome music choice. By the way, it's good to see a sprite animation crew around here, it reminds me my good old days when I used to make videogame parodies and collabs.

But again kudos on you, Short Factor. I was laughing so hard at the last part of your skit and was amazed by your amazing animation skills. You never dissapoint me whenever I see any work from you.
Conclusion: It was OK.

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Voting Power: 8.29
Voter Number: 350
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Fantastic animation, but really lame-brained humor. Like Pink Panther cartoon humor. Really dumb. Still, great in the animation department, and there were some really funny moments.

Good stuff!

That last one was just perfect! It had great timing, audio and effects and awesome cartoon humor. The whole collab was pretty well done, but that last long one really made me lol. I also really loved the intro with all the pans and stuff. Great use of smoke and fire elements. You guys did a lot with sprites, which I know can be limiting. Funny stuff.


i only threw a smile at the last 2 of the animation... the others were really childish and not so funny... but here's a 7 for the effort

Fuckingly Fuck Fucky Fuckadoo funny!

Last one was hilarious!