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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

its good but not mario castle calamity good


Sprite animations on Newgrounds nowadays are barely existent, so I have to admit the name in the submission list caught my attention. While I wasn't expecting much, mostly due to the fact that it was directly inspired by Bigfoot's mediocre sprite film, I have to admit that the result is alright, and in my opinion better than anything Bigfoot craps out.

The collab is a mixed bag to me. While there were a bunch of mediocre and unfunny skits, the good ones definitely stood out, for those were definitely a work of beauty. ifureadthisdie's intro, for example, was fun to watch, and an incredible piece of sprite work that I have never seen done before on Newgrounds. The mediocre ones, I found, were too predictable, too much like Bigfoot's work where you can guess the joke two hours before it actually happens. The good ones got more creative, screwed around with idea so the joke would actually make you laugh. I think, all in all, the collab came out good.

If you ever think of revisiting the idea, I would love to contribute.

Good stuff!

That last one was just perfect! It had great timing, audio and effects and awesome cartoon humor. The whole collab was pretty well done, but that last long one really made me lol. I also really loved the intro with all the pans and stuff. Great use of smoke and fire elements. You guys did a lot with sprites, which I know can be limiting. Funny stuff.

Actually lul'd

I love how you asked for my part and yet you didn't add it.
You could of at least told to make a new one.

Anyways, just like I thought, Short factors was far from amazing and the funniest entry. Good collab over all.

epic in all its glory, 20th the best in my eyes but damn thoses invisble bricks