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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

A Delighful Myriad of Mario Foibles

This is a fun little collection of farcical attempts by Mario to blow up up the castle. My personal favorites were by CaptainDrBob and that egotistical prick Mr. Lange, which was one of the greatest finales I have ever seen.

Well done

Funny stuff, nicely accomplished.


i lol especially at the part were all the shy guys came out and the fat one was like hey u guys im so fat


I thought that the first 18 scenes were good but 19 I thought was hilarious and 20 was simply amazing.

With 19 I liked the whole luigi bomb thing. I thought it was brilliant and I was laughing like crazy. Number 20 however had a great touch to it. I thought that the animation was really good and once again luigi, I believe, was the best part. I guess I am just a fan of the whole nobody cares about luigi thing.

Great job!

now we know why luigi is retarded as hell FOR THE CASTLE!